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Contractors need a combination of policies to protect their assets.  General Liability, a variety of Property coverage, Commercial Auto, Workers Compensation and many types of Surety Bonds.

Product Summary

· General Liability for Products, Completed Operations and Premises

· Various Property policies available for buildings, content, tools, equipment and building materials.

· Builders Risk policies available for structures under construction

· Commercial Auto provides liability , physical damage, and optional medical payments.

· Hired and Non-Owned Auto Liability is available  for rental vehicles and employees who use their own vehicles for your business.

· Workers Compensation provides payment for medical treatment and rehabilitation form job related injuries.  It also provides income continuation for the injured worker until they can return to work.  Part 2 of the policy protects the employer from claims of employees that the employers action or inaction contributed to the circumstances causing an injury.

· Umbrella policies protect you against catastrophic  claims that may exceed the liability limits of your underlying policies. 

· Surety Bonds assure the entity you have contracted with that you will perform according to the agreed contract.  You must financially qualify for bonding since the bond company is on the line to complete the job if you fail to perform as contracted.


Commercial General Liability is the basic policy required for any reputable contractor.  It protects you from claims of bodily injury or property damage from your products or operations.  Premiums are based on payrolls with a fixed charge for the owner or partners active on the job sites.  Employee payrolls are estimated initially and then audited at the end of the policy term to confirm the actual payroll.  Workers Compensation covering the owner and employees   is usually required by contract to obtain work in the construction field.  Premiums again are determined by payroll levels.  Commercial Auto is a must for vehicles used by contractors because personal auto insurance may not respond to a claim if the vehicle is being operated for business purposes.  Equipment and Installation Floaters provide property coverage for tools , equipment and building materials on job sites and in your vehicles against a limited list of common perils.

Commercial Umbrella policies provide an additional level of liability protection above your underlying liability policy limits.  License, Permit, Bid and Performance Surety Bonds are available when required by contract.

Contractors Policies

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