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Marine insurance provides liability coverage known as Protection and Indemnity plus physical damage coverage for the vessel. Specialty policies for Commercial Marine operations such as Marinas, Charter Fishing and Marine Construction are tailored for the unique risk exposures of those business operations.

Product Summary

 Protection and Indemnity Liability

 Hull coverage

 Personal Property coverage

 Dinghies, Launches, PWCs, and other auxiliary vessels and even helicopters can be added

 Specialized coverage for expensive fishing equipment is available

 Extensive navigation limits available

Small boats are categorized as being 26 feet or less in length. A boat policy typically provides better liability protection for the small boat than watercraft liability extended from your homeowners policy. You can also cover physical damage to the boat and trailer. Vessels over 26 feet in length are insured on a Yacht policy. The Yacht policy form can be customized to fit the type of boat you own. Most importantly the policy form recognizes and responds to Federal and International laws extending out to 100 miles. We have companies capable of insuring almost any size boat from Sport Fisher to Mega Yacht.


Marinas, Marine Contractors and Charter Fishing operations are evaluated on a case by case basis.

Again we represent companies with enormous capacity to handle small, medium and large risks.

Marine Insurance

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